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June 21, 2012
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A heavy fog covers the surrounding area like a thick moist blanket, corpses are scattered across the ground. The outcome of a grim battle. In the fog there is a ruined castle, ponies bustling about picking up bodies and clearing rubble. There is a small group of ponies standing in the corner as to not get in the way of the clean up. Those seven ponies stand in silence, beaten and bruised from the fight against the deadites.
"So what`s going to happen now?" A brown pony with a metal leg asks; a tone of sadness in his voice.
"Were going home, and everything will be back to normal," A white pony replies.
"How can it, after this?" the brown pony asked, motioning with his head towards the aftermath.
"I don't know, but all of you will be going home soon," Said the white pony.

At that all the ponies looked up at the white pony, most had a look of relief in their eyes. But a black alicorn had sadness in his eyes. It seemed as if he didn't want to return to his world. The white pony with brown and grey hair moved.
"I`ll be right back, I need to get something so we can all go back home," Said the white pony.
The other six ponies watched him walk away; one of them broke the silence, a grey pony with bandages over part of her face.
"So that's it huh? We finally get to go home," Said the grey one, "After all that's happened."
"Sure seems that way," Said a white alicorn.

Soon the group was engaged in a nostalgic conversation about going home and what they were going to do once they got there. A few even started to give a weak smile. Although, the black alicorn just stood there with a blank expression. He kept standing there until somepony nudged him.
"So how about you Cadaver, what are you going to do when you get home?" asked the brown pony with the metal leg.
"Huh? Oh, um nothing I guess," Said Cadaver, "I don't really know."
"Hey, come on. Is something wrong?" the brown one.
Before he could answer, the white pony came back with seven bottles hanging from his mouth. He walked around to each pony and gave them a bottle. When everypony got a bottle he stopped in front of them and placed his bottle on the ground so he could talk.
"Okay, before you drink it you must speak these three words. And you must speak them exactly," He said, looking at the six ponies before him, "You must say: klaatu virata nicktu."
"Klaatu virata nickel?" asked one pony.
"No! klaatu virata nicktu," Replied the white pony, "It`s very important that you say it correctly."
"Okay, so, klaatu virata nectar?" asked another pony.
"No, klaatu virata nicktu!" he said impatiently.
"Oh! Klaatu virata," said the first pony, muffling the last word with a few fake coughs.
"Really, are you serious?" the white pony said, with a look of disapproval.
When they were done screwing around they all said,
"Klaatu virata nicktu!"

All, except two. Cadaver stood there looking at the white pony that gave him the bottle. The white pony stayed because he noticed that something was wrong. He walked up to Cadaver and put a hoof on his shoulder. Cadaver politely removed the hoof from his shoulder and said,
"Davy, I don't want to go back to my world," Cadaver said looking into the eyes of the other pony, "Can`t I come with you or something? You know, and help other ponies?"
"I`m sorry Cadaver but no, if I could take you with I would, but I can`t," Davy said, giving a sad look.
"But isn't there some way?" Cadaver pleaded.
Davy just shook his head.
"Fine, I`ll go back," Cadaver said sadly, his head drooping low.
"I`m sorry," Davy said.
"Klaatu virata nicktu," Cadaver said softly.

Upon drinking the liquid Cadaver suddenly felt weightless, like he was falling. Bright light filled his vision, so bright he had to cover his eyes. Then, without warning, he was home. Back home in his broken, forgotten shack. Lazily, he walked outside. When he did he was surprised by what he saw. Blimps in the sky with speakers, the town was filled with ponies. Some of the ponies were dressed in blue armor and carried swords. They weren't attack but rather standing guard as it seemed. Cadaver started walking towards the town, mesmerized by what was happening. As he got closer he could hear what the speakers were saying.
"Oin the New Lunar Republic now! Fight for Princess Luna, and together we can stop the tyranny of Celestia!"Blared the blimps` speakers. "Join the New Lunar Republic now! Fight for Princess Luna, and together we can stop the tyranny of Celestia!"
Who is Princess Luna? Who is Celestia? Why was everything so different now, what changed when he was gone? Cadaver thought to himself. He was so distracted by what was going on that he forgot that ponies hated him for being an alicorn. He was soon inside the town when he snapped out of his trance. First he was scared, but then he realized that no one was trying to hurt him or running away from him. Sure he got a few weird looks, but they weren't bad ones.
"Registry is over there!" A soldier clad in blue shouted over the crowd, "Please, if you are registering, make a neat line!"

Cadaver looked over to where the pony was pointing. He walked over and stood in the line. As he stood he could hear the ponies seated at the tables near the end of the line ask for names and age. Soon enough, Cadaver was standing in front of the table. Behind the table was a dark red stallion with deep green eyes, his tag read "Gen. Colt"
"What`s your name son?" Colt asked.
"Um, what is this, what`s going on?" Cadaver asked, looking around. Buildings had blue banners on them that had some crescent moon on its side with wings and a star in the center.
"Have you been living under a rock? There`s a war going on. Name and age please," Colt said. But with no anger in his voice, instead there was a hint of excitement.
"Why?" Cadaver asked, not sure why he wanted his name and age.
"You want to help the ponies of Equestria right? If you do, sign up for the NLR so you can," Colt replied, not answering his question directly.
"Cadaver, and I don't know my age, I forgot it," Cadaver said.
"Well we will just put you down as 16, since that's the minimum," Colt said, then writing something onto a clipboard. Smiling, he looked back up at Cadaver and said, "Welcome to the NLR son."
Well, here is the prolouge to the story. I put "Project: Friendship" as a temporary title, it WILL be changed when a better one is found. This tells how Cadaver gets from the fight with the deadites and into the NLR. So far, i need to think of a reason why there is a war. So, i am brain dead currently so i will start working on the next part some time either later tonight or tomorrow.
Any OCs in this story belong to their creators.
picture by :iconnitrui:
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